12.07.2019, 19:30 - 21:05 Uhr (27/95 min)

Delete TV

  • Report, Magazin, A 2019


Fr., 12.07.2019


DIRECTOR> Alessia Cecchet FILM> Onikuma SYNOPSYS> Onikuma is Japanese yokai, a demon bear known for chasing horses. Surrounded by a foreign landscape, two women will understand that demons can come in different forms. DIRECTOR> PETE BURKEET FILM> Black Hole Son SYNOPSYS> A launch of 1.5 million balloons in Cleveland, Ohio 1986 and the 2012 Big Bay Boom in San Diego, California where a 17-minute firework display exploded in less than a minute are the events that inspired Black Hole Son. Part moving painting, part processed video, Black Hole Son is a lucid dream about the desire for spectacle. Turn your volume up. DIRECTOR> BILL BROWN FILM> XCTRY SYNOPSYS> Leaving one hometown and looking for the next one.

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Sparte Report
Genre Magazin
Titel Delete TV

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